February Favourites

Friday, February 27, 2015

For me, February was a month of rediscovering past favourites. Everything in this post is something I've loved in the past but forgot about. Take the tulips for example, my favourite flower since I could draw, but somehow they slipped from my mind. I wanted to honour them a second time in a post before they wilted for good (which they did the day after the pictures were taken) :(.

Let's start off with the 32MM curling wand from NuMe (a size that creates really loose, voluminous waves - perfect for long thick hair). I know you might be tired of seeing sponsored products from this brand from Youtubers or some bloggers, but I got mine from Hautelook (they are always on there for around $40 USD which compared to the site, is around $100 off..). It heats up in around 10 seconds and is way less damaging than using a straightener to create volume - I love it! When I am feeling the waves, I curl my hair away from my face and do it all in one direction and then comb through it.The result is mahoosive volume! For the two and a half years that I've had this...I've had yet to burn myself but.. *knocks on wood*.

I've been feeling very down in the dumps lately and nothing has helped me apart from my mini Diptyque candle in the scent Amber. This is hands down my favourite candle scent from this perfume house, and even though I saved this candle last to burn (there were 5 minis in total), it still seemed to go by extremely fast :(. I am trying out some Laura Mercier ones right now (namely the Pistachio and Creme Brulee one) and I'm not feeling them at all...I think they're way too sweet for me.

I've had an awful amount of sleep this month, and since my Maybelline age rewind concealer just wasn't heavy-duty enough, I had to whip out the Baby Doll pot concealer by Tony Moly. This stuff reminds me of Bobbi Brown's concealer but I say the coverage is even thicker. I do have to mix it with something more liquid-y (Nars or Estee Lauder) but otherwise, this one is awesome at canceling out my dark circles.

I've also had drier than normal lips recently, and while I think it's from dehydration & lack of sleep, this Fruit Lip Balm by Jill Stuart has been doing the trick. It is a more luxurious version of Soap & Glory's A Great Kisser lip balm (has strawberry and honey extracts, apricot oil, shea and cacao butter to name a few ingredients). I find it creates the perfect canvas for fine lines and I've been loving the scent as well. It is non-goopy while still having some tackiness.

L to R: Jill Stuart Fruit Lip Balm and Tony Moly Baby Doll Concealer

Speaking of lips, I have never ever came across a non-sticky, high-shine, scentless lip gloss like the one I have from 3 Concept Eyes. It is appropriately named the "Glass Gloss" and it is SUPER high-shine and 100% non-sticky. I was blown away because usually all glosses even ones people claim aren't sticky are at least a little bit tacky, but this one...I'd imagine if you walk down the street on a windy day, your hair and face might just love you. Another product by 3CE that I've been loving recently is their nail polish in the shade PK03. It is a gorgeous hot pink that looks purpley-pink in some lights.

I don't know if I've mentioned this anywhere but I must have...because this brush is freaking awesome. This is a completely synthetic, $2 brush from The Face Shop. It is amazing when doing any type of mask as it spreads through all sorts of textures evenly without wasting product. I use this every time I apply a clay mask (because it is so messy) and it takes me 5 seconds to rinse it through to be ready for the next use. Not to mention the dry time is very quick!

Next, is a very addicting lip gloss by Buxom in the shade 'Bunny'. This peachy/coral shade is perfect for toning down a strong lip colour, or just great to neutralize my pigmented lips on its own. It leaves a tingly effect that actually does plump up my lips. When I inhale, there is an instant cooling effect - but best of all, while addicting to reapply, this gloss has lasted me forever!

I am a huge sucker for make up collaborations with fashion lines. Imagine my joy when Proenza Schouler (one of my favourite minimalist brands) had a collection with M.A.C! I think it was released last year around this time? But I pushed it far away in my drawer because I was afraid of the colour...but I love the fashion house so...it was justified in my head. The blush is called Ocean City, and I finally got around to testing it more this month and I think I'm in love! It looks quite scary in the pan I must admit, but it goes on very sheer and I think I'd have a hard time over-doing it (which pleases me greatly)! I've been loving the colour as well as the texture and I find that it's really easy to blend, and doesn't go on patchy. It also doesn't seem to stain my brushes as much as other blushes, so I am quite pleased :). Whenever MAC releases these blush ombres, they always get nabbed up really quickly and I don't blame anyone because these are seriously impressive.

L to R: Buxom's Bunny gloss, Mac x Proenza Schouler blush in Ocean City's top shade, bottom shade, and mixed together

Thanks for reading and making it to the end! I was typing against the clock as my computer is acting up again, I really hope it is not the motherboard (I don't know why I have such awful luck with technology in general) but it's been really frustrating when all your programs and windows close randomly...more than just a couple times a day. 

Oh, and my dog just got to my Beauty Blender :(.
 I hope you guys are having a better week!

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