Mentholatum Lip Ice lip balms

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Not only are my Lip Ice lip balms winter essentials, they are every day essentials for me. I always always try to convince every one I know to try these, and for the most part every one repurchases. It is a bit hard to hunt down in stores I gotta admit, so I ordered all of mine on Sasa (here). It is an asian drug store brand so they run around $3.5 USD on the site.

I think the best part is they come in so many flavours (lychee, green apple, grape, strawberry, lemon, orange mandarin, mango) and each of them leave you feeling so fresh because of the mint. The slight tingle on your lips and the minty freshness that comes from inhaling is just unparalleled. I just love these so much and I find them way more hydrating than say Labello, Nivea, Burt's Bees, EOS, etc. They even have SPF15 in them as a bonus! I grew up on Soft lips and I find them even more hydrating than the latter. These are seriously amazing and I'm not one that is usually good at committing to one product, but I'm almost finished my second tube of the strawberry one. I honestly bring these with me everywhere.

Sometimes after applying, people around me will ask me if I smell something good. I whip out my Lip Ice tube and ask if it's this lip balm - I swear this is the moment everyone gets on the Lip Ice train. I guess I should warn you guys that these are slightly addictive to reapply and I have no doubt a lot of you will love this! I've tried other lines from Mentholatum, but in my humble opinion, nothing else compares. These are my HG lip balms along with my Rosebud Perfume & Co salves (but those I reserve for night time). :)

Hope you guys have a great weekend and do let me know if you end up purchasing some, or have been loving them all along ;).

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