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Friday, January 30, 2015

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I started my new job today at bank branch as a Banking Advisor intern which is a 36 week program to get me to fully work as a Banking Advisor (ie sale of mutual funds and other investment advice giving). I really wanted a job that I could really apply what I learned in University to a professional level even though I am taking a risk by accepting a pay cut--which is fair since this is my first experience working in the banking industry.

I came in pretty nervous and awkward since it seemed like a lot of my co-workers have been together for years (one woman said she worked here for 35 years) in a close knit family type of setting. But so far, they are accommodating and willing to really help me through the process of learning the job and I hope to see more co-workers (since its a bigger bank branch and has many divisions) throughout the day tomorrow and introduce myself.

On the other hand, I was excited and giddy for the opportunity to work for such a big bank. It was obvious from the start in the morning meeting that the branch ran on a very professional level and engaged constructive input from all sources including sales, client service and commercial services. I was able to meet the branch manager while participating in this meeting who was nice enough to offer me a seat beside him during lunch (soup potluck).

The first half of my workday was spent partaking in web seminars which presented some introductory material today but will be help me build the foundation to become a fully capable banking advisor.

The second half of my workday was spent watching an experienced teller do her job. The Service/Sales Platform that they used seemed simple enough and laid out in logical manner and I knew if I got my hands on it, I would pick up on it quickly with the exception of a few kinks here and there for special cases.

I have been fortunate enough to get a job that I wanted without too much trouble. Hopefully I can carry a lot of the things I learned at my previous job and University to shine through in my performance.

What are some job search/ resume tips that have worked for you?

How were your first days at work?

Let me know

Signing off,
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